Beau SeJour ART creates a number CALENDARS during the year.  Scroll through and see which one suits you best.  They are NOT the same each time.

The NORTH FORK CALENDAR features my paintings of the North Fork of Long Island New York. For those not familiar with the North Fork it is a farming community with a mixture of vine yards, potato farms, vegetable, horses and grass (sod) and others.  The region is surrounded by water, the Long Island Sound on the North, with bays and inlets along the south shore, Peconic Bay, Shelter Island Bay, Greenport Harbor.  To the south and east of the North Fork is Shelter Island, which often shows up in the paintings, especially if there are sailboats sailing by. On the east end is Orient Point and Plum Island.

I have, on occasion, created a REVERSE GLASS CALENDAR.  Reverse Glass Painting are scenes painted on glass, mostly antique windows, that depict LIGHTHOUSES off the Long Island coast and a few farm scenes.

There may be CALENDARS OF. Farms and Barns or Sea Scenes, either the shore or boats.

My other specialty is painting ITALIAN LANDSCAPES AND CITY SCENES.  If you love scenes of Italy, including Sicily, take a look at these.

Most calendars are standard 12 months starting in January.  Howeve, sometimes I may create on 18 months starting in June or a School based calendar starting in September.

I have recently painted a number of ABSTRACTs which may be turned into a calendar.  Want to see if there is any interest in this before I go ahead and invest.

If you have any suggestions or are interested in a Calendar with my pictures, peruse my paintings on the Web Site and contact me.
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